Sustainable horizons:
Empowering data centers
with eco-friendly practices.

Sustainable horizons: Empowering data centers with eco-friendly practices.

Sustainability is at the core of our business philosophy and
shapes everything we do, from design and construction to
operations and beyond. 

Sustainable Energy Sources

DataVolt, driven by visionary investors, leverages its proven expertise in developing renewable energy assets. With a focus on solar, wind, and green hydrogen, we prioritize using renewable power solutions in our data centers, reducing our reliance on traditional energy sources. Our investors and team have successfully developed and operated over 20GW of renewable energy assets across 9 countries, deploying scalable and cost-effective solutions. These endeavors have demonstrated reliable operations, ensuring high availability and a strong track record of success.

Enhancing Efficiency

Our commitment to maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing our carbon footprint is unwavering, ensuring optimal performance without compromising sustainability. With a strong track record of innovation, we have achieved significant power savings across sectors. For instance, our affiliated company ACWA Power has successfully achieved a remarkable reduction in power consumption in the desalination process, while the innovations of Saudi Tabreed, another affiliated company, in district cooling have resulted in savings of approximately 850,000 MWh per year in the cooling assets that it operates.

Advanced Cooling & Water Recycling

DataVolt incorporates sustainable cooling solutions and draws on the experience of its affiliated company, Saudi Tabreed, a prominent provider of energy-efficient cooling solutions. With expertise in projects totaling around 500,000 Tons of Refrigeration (TR), Saudi Tabreed leads the industry in utilizing treated wastewater for cooling services, enhancing sustainability. Additionally, our affiliated wastewater services company, Miahona, contributes to water conservation by generating approximately 800,000 m3/day of recycled water for various purposes. Integrating advanced technologies and sustainable practices ensures efficient cooling operations while preserving precious water resources.

Design, Construction and Operations

We prioritize sustainable practices from the site selection phase to the design and construction process. Our team implements innovative technical configurations, supply chain optimization, and operational efficiencies to drive down the total cost of ownership while minimizing the environmental impact. We believe that sustainable data centers can coexist with cutting-edge technology.


DataVolt is dedicated to fostering sustainability through solid partnerships. We collaborate closely with technology providers and local communities to promote sustainable practices within the data center ecosystem. By establishing these alliances, we enable speed-to-market, enhance connectivity, and ensure high performance and reliability. Together with our partners, DataVolt is driving the transformation toward a more sustainable and resilient future.